Indiahoma house fire breaks out overnight

Indiahoma house fire breaks out overnight

INDIAHOMA, Okla._A day of thanks ended in flames for an Indiahoma family after a fire broke out in their home just inches away from where they were sleeping early Friday morning.

The homeowner, Katherin Stapleton, was sleeping on a couch in the living room and her sister was in the bedroom when a strange noise woke her up. That's when she saw the flames crawling up the wall. Stapleton ran to get her sister and they both went next door to her daughter's house to get help.

Officials say the fire was contained to one room, but there was smoke damage all throughout the house.

The family is trying to figure out what the next step is. Stapleton was still shaken up as she showed the damage around her home.

"Right was a futon. She keeps it folded up like a couch because she likes to sleep on the couch. And that's where she was sleeping when the fire broke out right there," said Margie Martin, Stapleton's daughter.

Martin woke up Friday morning to the sound of her mother yelling about a fire.

Now, the family is left trying to save what they can.

"It's kind of deflating knowing you have to start over again," Martin said.

Martin lives next door and says the thought of her mother being so close to the fire is terrifying.

"Knowing she is right there and if she hadn't woke up, she wouldn't be here. It was really, really scary for me. I'm trying not to cry now because just thinking about it makes me tear up quite a bit," Martin said.

The family says they aren't sure what caused the fire, but they are thankful the Indiahoma firefighters got out there before it could get any worse. Martin says it does not matter what was damaged.

"As long as their okay...I don't care. I wouldn't have cared if this house burnt to the ground as long as my mom and my aunt were alright," Martin said.

Martin says her mother plans to stay with her until they can get the house cleaned up. She says that could take months and they don't have the money to replace everything.