Tree branch crashes through Duncan family's roof

Tree branch crashes through Duncan family's roof

DUNCAN, Okla._One Duncan family has a hole in their roof after a tree branch broke and crashed all the way through to their bedroom.

Stephanie Branstetter woke up early this morning to a crash and pieces of the ceiling falling on top of her.

"I got a wake-up call from our tree," said Branstetter.

When she got a flashlight out to see what was sticking out of the ceiling. She says she was shocked to see it was a tree branch.

"I didn't expect it," said Branstetter. "There wasn't much ice out. I really just thought at first that just a tree branch fell on the roof no big deal, and then I looked up."

Her husband Jared Branstetter says he didn't think a branch could do something like this.

"We've have several of them fall on the house and not do anything like that," said Jared.

Friends and family came out to help them patch up the hole to prevent any leaks as the freezing rain is expected tonight.

Branstetter says even if you don't think you will see a lot of ice in your area, a branch could fall and do serious damage.

"Never take for granted the level of ice," said Branstetter. "Little ice, a lot of ice, it can still do damage."