Fallen tree branches clean up

Fallen tree branches clean up

OKLAHOMA_With all the fallen tree branches from this weekend's weather some cities in Texoma are offering help with the clean-up.

In Elgin you can drop off fallen tree limbs on A Street where the dumpsters are located. The city says they will either burn them or rent a chipper to dispose of them.

Marlow officials say they will figure out what to do with all the fallen branches Monday after everything has thawed.

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers are going all over the state to help remove the fallen tree branches that have damaged resident's property. They give priority to the elderly, people with access and functional needs, single mothers and also how severe the damage is.

Homeowners in needs can call one of these three numbers to request help in the clean-up.

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief:

(405) 443-7583

(405) 388-6912

(405) 415-5261