Faith in humanity restored, treasured rain barrel returned

Faith in humanity restored, treasured rain barrel returned

LAWTON, Okla._There's a happy ending to a story we brought you a couple of weeks ago about a Lawton woman's specially-decorated rain barrel that was stolen from her driveway.

The barrel belongs to Lucianna Bennett, who says it was a Mother's Day gift from her daughter two years ago. The barrel was found by a Good Samaritan on Thanksgiving in a ravine off the highway north of Apache and was returned to Bennett Friday.

"I have got a friend that said 'Oh God going to bring it to your door. Oh God going to bring it to your door,'" Bennett said.

Bennett says she had almost given up hope that the one-of-a-kind barrel would be returned to her until she got a knock on her door.

"She go to the car and she bring the barrel. 'Oh!' I cry and I cry and I hold her and we talked for a while," she said.

Diana Josey found Bennett's missing rain barrel when she was going to see her family for Thanksgiving in Apache.

"What are the chances that it would be in a whole other county and be found," Josey said.

Josey says she was driving along Highway 281 when she noticed the brightly colored rain barrel just yards away in a ravine.

"I recognized it. I knew I knew it, but I didn't know where from and I had to think about it a little bit. So, when we drove back by going home I stopped and looked at it with my son and I was like 'yeah, I know what that is,'" Josey said.

Josey's son pulled it out of the creek bed and they took it home until they could return it to its rightful owner. Josey says she saw it on buy, sell, trade Facebook page and it turns out Bennett is related to one of her friends.

"We texted her a picture of it and showed her and it is not broken. It was made out of plastic so it wasn't broke or anything, so it was still in good condition. I took it back to her on Friday when I got off work and she started crying," Josey explained.

The barrel was hand painted by Bennett's daughter. The only real damage to the barrel is that Bennett's address was painted on the back and the thieves painted over it with black spray paint. Bennett says getting her precious barrel back has restored her faith in humanity.

"Something said to me there are people in the world, they are not all bad people, there are good people too and it made me feel a lot better," Bennett said.

Bennett says for now, the barrel will stay inside where it is safe until she makes a decision on how to prevent someone from possibly stealing it again.