Power still being restored across the area

Power still being restored across the area

LAWTON, Okla._The ice has melted away and the cleanup is still in the beginning stages, yet still more than 6,000 people are still without power across the area.

In Caddo County alone, there are more than 3,000 people whose lights remain off. At night, when the temperatures drop into the 30s, families are having to rely on generators and heat from fireplaces to keep warm.

It has been four days since the McKenzie family had electricity in their home just outside of Apache. The family says they are just trying to do what they can to stay warm.

Caddo Electric Cooperative customer Lynn McKenzie says with each chilling day that passes, he hopes to come from work, to a warm house.

"I'm getting real frustrated. It seems like I am always left out. It shows on the grid that I am up in running. The tree is still laying across the line down there. It's still a bad deal," McKenzie said.

McKenzie says they have been using two generators, making their house an entire mess of electrical cords.

"Cords, cords we have got cords going to the refrigerator because we are going to lose all the stuff we have got in the refrigerator if we don't keep it cold. We have got lights here where we can to see to move around. We have got cords in here that go to other lights, then we have got some that go in here," McKenzie explained.

McKenzie says the worst part for himself, his wife and two kids has been the nighttime temperature in the house. He says it has been just as cold inside as it is outside.

"Thirty-eight degrees, 40 degrees. I mean we are having to use blankets at night, just tons of blankets just to even stay warm," he said.

The family's home is all electric. Their portable generators aren't powerful enough to power anything, but a small heater occasionally.

"Plug it in and turn everything off and turn a little heater on and it will get a little warm in one room, but it doesn't last long. It doesn't last long at all," he said.

McKenzie, like thousands of customers across the area without power, is just hoping to get back to a sense of normalcy that comes along with having electricity.

"I just want them to get the power back on so that we can get back to going to normal life again," he said.

Their electricity was restored later Tuesday afternoon. However, there are still more than 6,000 Caddo Electric Cooperative customers without power. Those outages are across eight counties, including Comanche and Kiowa counties.