Stephens County woman charged with trying to hire cellmate to kill parents

Stephens County woman charged with trying to hire cellmate to kill parents

DUNCAN, Okla._A woman is in the Stephens County Jail, charged with soliciting the murder of her parents.

Investigators say 29-year-old Raquel Sanchez planned to pay a Stephens County inmate $500 to kill her mother and stepfather. Sanchez's plans were foiled after investigators intercepted a letter written by Sanchez to her former cellmate soliciting the murders.

"There's not an expectation of privacy in the jail. We review all correspondence, anything that comes through the jail with the exception of the attorney client correspondence that comes through," Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney explained.

In the letter, Sanchez asked her cellmate to go to her parents' home and shoot them in the head. The letter goes on to say "dress in all black", "please, it will be easy. If not, I'll find a guy."

Once the letter was presented to the inmate, investigators say she was shocked. They don't believe she had any prior knowledge of Sanchez's intentions.

"She didn't know anything about this. They haven't spoken about this prior to her being released. They did talk about they had a lot of problems with her parents and she felt her parents had not been treating her right," Sheriff McKinney said.

The letter was signed "Love Raquel." Once presented to her parents, investigators say her family was taken aback, but investigators learned that Sanchez had physically attacked her mother on several occasions.

As far as motive, the letter states Sanchez was tired of her parents treating her like a child.