Sheriff's department collects food, toys for county families

Sheriff's department collects food, toys for county families

LAWTON, Okla._'Tis the season for giving, and the Comanche County Sheriff's Department is leading by example and stepping up to help local families tackle their Christmas lists.

It is the 28th annual Christmas Toy Drive, but this year it's a little different. With a little help from the Courthouse Christmas Campaign, the department will also collect non-perishable food items and giving out hams. Sheriff Kenny Stradley says they've set a goal to provide toys and food to more than 200 families this year.

With 150 kids already on the nice list, Sheriff Stradley is hoping to be sure each one has a toy and a warm meal on Christmas Day.

"Seeing the people that are hurting and needing stuff, and seeing kids that may not have got anything and us knocking on the door and they come to the door and we tell them we are helping Santa," Sheriff Stradley said.

Sheriff Stradley says with so many falling on hard times, he hopes to work with the community to alleviate some stress this holiday season.

"We as adults, we understand if we don't have any money and I can't buy you something and you can't buy me anything, but kids don't understand. It's Christmas, Santa is supposed to buy me something," Sheriff Stradley said.

Beverly Crosby, Sheriff Stradley's secretary, is in charge of making sure each child on the list has a toy to match.

"We've got them as low as a couple months old and we go all the way up, we stop at 17. But from 12 on, we purchase, with donations given to us, gift cards because we don't get toys for teenagers normally," Crosby said.

Crosby says they are really short on boys toys and items for teens. Unfortunately, what they have right now will not complete their list, so they are hoping for more donations.

"It's just a community deal and we are just the legs that deliver. We enjoy doing that and seeing the smile on people's faces," Sheriff Stradley said.

If you would like to make a donation this Christmas, all you have to do is go to the 3rd floor of the Comanche County Courthouse, and place your non-perishable food items and toy donations in the drop-off box.