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LPS warns parents to prepare for potential snow days

LAWTON, Okla._While snow days for kids can be like an early Christmas present, for parents, it can be a logistical nightmare.

However, with the winter weather upon us, LPS officials say they can't be ruled out and headache or not, parents should prepare for a decision that isn't always an easy one for them to make. 

"When we close school at Lawton Public Schools, it's not just me alone making the decision. We involve superintendents from around the area, officials from Fort Sill. At the end of the day I do make the decision, but we involve everybody we possibly can. As a matter of fact, most mornings I'll call the KSWO meteorologist on staff and ask his or her advice. The last thing we want is to get students into the school where we have a huge winter event where we can't get students home. So, sometimes when we close school we're having to guess a little bit," said Lawton Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan.

Deighan says the decision to cancel school is one they don't want to make unless they think it's absolutely necessary and that they do their best to make the call the night before, or by 6:00 a.m.

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