Sterling club prepares 40 boxes of food for families

Sterling club prepares 40 boxes of food for families

STERLING, Okla._Members of the Ladies Town and Country Club in Sterling have collected enough food items to put around 40 boxes together for Christmas.

The ladies in the club take sacks around town and pick them back up a week later with food donations. Students also help out by collecting 912 items for the food drive.

Club members meet once a month and do various community service projects. They started doing to food drive about six years ago when they picked up after another group. Barbara Lott, the club's president, says helping the families is more of a blessing for her, than for them.

"Part of the time you'll have someone come in and they'll say 'well really this year, I don't need it, give it to someone else.' And that makes you feel good also, because it's not people just wanting something because they can get it," Lott said.

Lott says the club canvas's the churches and schools looking for anyone they can help. She says some people nominate others to receive a food box.

If you have been nominated for one of the boxes, pick-up is at 220 W Main St. in Sterling from 9:00 a.m. until noon Saturday.