OK Real Estate Commission investigates Lawton property owner, manager

OK Real Estate Commission investigates Lawton property owner, manager

LAWTON, Okla._The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission is investigating a Lawton property owner and manager along with his two companies. That's after the commission received dozens of calls from homeowners who hired David Nottingham to manage their rental properties, saying they aren't getting their rent money.

The commission suspended the real estate licenses of Nottingham and his two other companies' a few weeks ago. The real estate commission has turned over management of many of Nottingham's properties to another Lawton company while their investigation continues.

Richard Lang and his family moved from Lawton to Fort Campbell, Ken. in 2013. They left their home to be rented out with Nottingham Realty with hopes to make some money to help pay the mortgage.

Lang told me by phone tonight that it didn't even take a month before they had problems.

"Oh it was always catch up," said Lang. "Like I said if we hadn't called them as many times as we did, honestly I wouldn't doubt we would be two or three months without getting it."

For two years, they went through dealing with the company from several states away.

"We're just like any other family we live paycheck to paycheck and you know we count on that rent money," said Lang.

Lang said he had decided to switch companies when they found Nottingham and his two companies were shut down and under investigation.

"I've never had to take one to this degree," said Oklahoma Real Estate Commission investigator Sherry Kueffler.

Kueffler says they are having to track down all the tenants and homeowners because Nottingham did not have the correct paperwork for the homes that are managed.

"We've not spoken with him," said Kueffler. "Obviously early on he gave various excuses as to what was happening, and for why something wasn't happening the way we thought that it was. We've given him an opportunity to provide information and we haven't received that from him."

A hearing with the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission on December 15 will provide the last opportunity for Nottingham to defend himself. After that the commission will decide whether to take away his real estate licenses.

Nottingham has not been charged with any criminal activity in connection with the investigation.

Kueffler said when they reviewed Nottingham's records, he listed roughly 100 properties he managed.  She says they received complaints from people who were not on that list, saying Nottingham had been hired as their property manager, but they weren't receiving rent money.  Those calls began in October, and they started their audit in November.