Missing wallet returned to Lawton teen

Missing wallet returned to Lawton teen

LAWTON, Okla._Little acts of kindness often go unnoticed, but one Lawton family wants to make sure that one man's generosity is not forgotten.

The family's 18-year-old son lost his wallet last week and they thought it would be gone forever.

"I thought there was no hope of ever getting it back," said Derrick Duggans.

Derrick Duggans lost his wallet last week, but he wasn't sure where until he got a letter in the mail. Duggan's Mother Zabrina Page says when she got the letter addressed to her son out of the mailbox she had no idea what was inside.

"He was like who is this? I'm like I don't know just open it and I walked off and he opened it and then he came to me and he was like Mom," said Page.

Inside the envelope was Duggans wallet and a letter from a man named Mark.

The handwritten note read "Derrick, while taking my two year old daughter to the playground today we found your wallet under some tires at the playground. I hope this finds you and you are able to get your wallet back."

The wallet didn't have any money, just a couple of business cards and an old drivers license. When Duggans opened his wallet he found a surprise inside Mark had given him $5.

"I am just like wow that is really sweet of him. That was real cool of him. He really didn't have to do that and so I was real grateful for it," said Duggans.

An address written on an identification card was how the wallet ended up at the right address. Page says it is a reminder for both her and her son that there are still good people in the world.

"Thank you and God bless you Mark and God bless your family. It restores your faith in humanity especially with all the ugly that is going on in the world today," said Page

The note went on to say "Remember there are good and honest people still left in this crazy world. Pay it forward."