Hundreds rolled out to Last Man Club movie screening

Hundreds rolled out to Last Man Club movie screening

LAWTON, Okla._Hundreds of movie-goers came out to the premiere of a movie right here in Lawton that was produced by a Lawton native. The movie called Last Man Club about a group of World War II veterans keeping a lifelong promise to each other premiered to an almost full house at the Carmike Cinema on Cache Road on Sunday.

Complete with a red carpet entrance, a few of the stars of the movie, the director and producers came through the theater before the showing.

Actor James Mackrell says he is proud to show the movie to people here that have so many connections to the military.

"This premiere here in Lawton is very, very exciting and the people have just been gracious and wonderful to us," said Mackrell. "We're really thankful for that."

Mackrell says they were determined to make sure to bring honor to the veterans with this movie. He says some of the veterans he has talked to who have seen the movie say they did just that.

Lawton native Linda Pandolph, who is the executive producer, says bringing the movie to show to her hometown has been a gratifying experience.

"This is the heartland of the country, and this is the area that this movie is made for," said Pandolph. "For people who have those great patriotic values, and great home values who love and care about their parents, their friends, and have long lasting relationships. This is just the best place in the world to do this."

If you missed the screening tonight the official release date for Last Man Club is in 2016.