Stephens County sheriff wants residents to be armed for protection

Stephens County sheriff wants residents to be armed for protection

DUNCAN, Okla._Stephens County's sheriff is calling on his residents to arm themselves against Islamic extremists.

Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney went on Facebook with a post that said,

"In the wake of the recent attack on Americans in California, it is evident that we as a nation are under attack by radical Islamic terrorists."

Noting the recent attacks in America and abroad, and reiterating that Islamic extremists are here to hurt and kill Americans, Sheriff McKinney says he did not want to be known as the Donald Trump of Stephens County. Sheriff McKinney says he is not against all Muslims or those who practice Islam and is purely trying to encourage his residents to be prepared and legally arm themselves.

"Radical Islam is our enemy right now and there is no doubt in my mind that we have a war. And that war has been brought to this country by the radical Islamic terrorists," Sheriff McKinney said.

Sheriff McKinney is encouraging all county residents who can legally obtain a concealed carry license to do so, get a gun and be prepared to use it. Sheriff McKinney says this is by no means a call for a militia.

"That individual must be comfortable with it and proficient in the use of it, and be prepared to use it," Sheriff McKinney said.

Sheriff McKinney pointed out the all too common scenario that has played out in several American cities in recent months; an armed attacker in a public place.

"You're in a building, an active takes places. It may not be the time to jump up and start shooting. You know, you wait to get that tactical advantage. If you can, good, if you don't, you're going to die. And if you don't, other people are going to die. That's what we are talking about here," Sheriff McKinney said.

He also says this is a very real new reality we face in America.

"Times have changed so much and I am really concerned with what I see from radical Islam. These attacks occurring in Paris… it's always been an overseas thing but they are here now," Sheriff McKinney said.

Sheriff McKinney says his main goal is to make sure the citizens he serves are protected, but believes it all starts with the individual protecting themselves.

"You can't rely on your federal government to protect you. You can't rely on the police to protect you. We're going to do what we can, that's what we are paid to do and that's what we are sworn to do, but we can be everywhere," Sheriff McKinney said.

Sheriff McKinney also went on to say he is not worried about these weapons falling into the wrong hands because it is the duty of the responsible gun owners he is calling on to ensure they are locked up properly.

The sheriff says he does not plan to organize any formal weapons training or any armed group, but noted that there are plenty of local companies that do offer such instruction.