Landlord points Duncan police to cache of stolen property

Landlord points Duncan police to cache of stolen property

DUNCAN, Okla._After Duncan police uncovered thousands of dollars in stolen property, they're now working to track down the proper owners.

Hundreds of items, including stolen gaming systems, cell phones, and tools were recovered from a house Friday after police went to investigate a dispute between the landlord and tenant at a home in the 200 block of South 9th Street.

Police say as the tenant was moving out, the landlord saw what looked to be stolen goods and told police.

When detectives arrived on scene, it was a recently stolen bike that led them to believe that the landlord's hunch was right and that the house could be full of stolen property. They believe the items were taken during burglaries over the last three months.

"Electronics, cell phones, tools, jewelry, personal property, documents, toys…I mean, there is really nothing we haven't found," Detective Dustin Smith said.

Detective Smith says he believes these items could be linked to more than a dozen burglaries.

"Everything from just lost property to home burglaries, car burglaries. I mean, we have got a little of everything and this stuff just kind of seems to fall into all of it. I think this guy have been doing a little bit of everything," Det. Smith said.

Police have a long road ahead of them tracking down owners like Brenda Petty. She was reunited with her work brief case that was embossed with her business website. When we called her to let her know her property had been found, she was elated.

"When I got your call, oh my goodness! It was like unreal, they have recovered my property," Petty said.

She says even though some of her stolen items are still missing, she's just relieved to have some of it back.

"I am just elated. For a few minutes I couldn't hardly talk. I kept stuttering. I wanted to dance. If I could have gotten on top of the table I would have danced. Would have done it," Petty said.

Police say the landlord's actions should serve as a reminder for citizens to be vigilant and give police a call if they ever notice anything suspicious.

"I would rather get a call and nothing happen than not get a call and us miss the opportunity to help some folks get there stuff back," Det. Smith said.

While at the apartment, police also arrested a woman for possession of drugs. They do not believe she's responsible for the burglaries, but say they are close to making an arrest.

If you were a recent victim of burglary and can provide proof of property or filed a police report, contact the Duncan Police Department at 580-255- 2112.