Mock wreck unfolds before students' eyes

Mock wreck unfolds before students' eyes

VELMA, Okla._A mock drunk driving crash unfolded right before the eyes of more than 100 students at Velma-Alma High School Wednesday morning.

After hearing sirens, students ran out of the school to find four classmates and two parents who had been involved in the staged collision. In the scenario, the two parents were killed because of a reckless drunk driver.

Emergency personnel say they want this to be a reminder for students to stay safe while on Christmas break.

The sights and sounds were shocking as students watched first responders use the Jaws of Life and put people they know on gurneys. Senior Cailin Wright says the horrifying scene was an emotional roller coaster.

"I just felt sick to my stomach while I ran over here. I just was so scared when I heard Cooper scream. Like, it just made me sick to my stomach and I just couldn't think of anything else but them," Wright said.

Jake McGuire, a Velma-Alma student, says knowing that his friend Colton's parents were involved in the accident made him fear for their lives.

"Velma, it's a small town so everybody knows each other. We know his parents. We know them and it would be very emotional if that actually happened," McGuire said.

In his 20 years in law enforcement, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Mark Smith says he has had to tell too many families that they will never see their family member alive again, and that is what they are working to prevent with scenarios like this one.

"I don't ever want to have to do that again. That is the worst part of our job is to have to knock on that door and tell mom and dad their baby is not coming home," Trooper Smith said.

Smith says about two years ago, he responded to a drunk driving accident involving a teenager in Velma.

"She didn't hit anything. She ended up coming to rest in the median. She was very lucky, but her blood alcohol content was around a .3. Point three, which the legal limit is .08," Trooper Smith said.

Wright says this experience, even though it wasn't real, hit home. Ultimately teaching her a valuable lesson.

"Absolutely not to drink and drive, and absolutely not to text and drive, because it's not worth it," Wright said.