Cops & kids caroling to spread Christmas cheer

Cops & kids caroling to spread Christmas cheer

LAWTON, Okla._A group of cops and kids gathered to a Lawton senior living center tonight to bring in some holiday cheer by song. This is the first year the Lawton Police Department has put together the cops and kids caroling. This month they have go around to sing Christmas carols to some of the seniors at different living centers.

One of the volunteers says he enjoys the chance to spread a little joy.

"It makes me feel happy that they have someone here to sing for them, and that they are filled with joy," said Hunter Kastner.

Tonight they belted out holiday tunes at the Brookdale Ten Oaks senior living center. The residents listened, clapped and if they knew the words, even sang along.

Sgt. Stephanie Crawford helped organize the caroling, and says the residents love seeing the kids more than anything.

"The kids just help bring so much joy to Christmas, and everybody just loves the kids there and it brings smiles to everyone," said Crawford.

Next week, the group plans to sing at the Veterans Center and the McMahon Tomlinson Nursing Center.