Altus Industrial Airpark declared AT&T Fiber Ready

ALTUS, Okla._As part of AT&T's continuing efforts to drive economic development and investment in Oklahoma, AT&T and Altus Chamber of Commerce announced that the Altus Industrial Airpark at 5333 N. Main Street has been certified as being AT&T Fiber Ready.

"AT&T is investing in high-speed Internet in urban and rural areas all across Oklahoma using the latest wired and wireless technologies, and we are proud to highlight Altus as one of many places in Oklahoma where AT&T's fiber infrastructure is in place and ready to help local businesses drive job creation," said Steve Hahn, president of AT&T Oklahoma. "Positive, pro-business policies embraced by Oklahoma's state and local elected officials continue to make our state a great place to invest, and I'm proud of the work our AT&T Oklahoma employees have done deploying fiber and other infrastructure that delivers high-speed Internet access. Their hard work and skills, combined with billions of dollars in AT&T investment, enable Oklahomans to connect and innovate."

In today's world, connectivity is vital to new employers and businesses of every type. There's no such thing as a "low-tech" business today, so economic development leaders must be able to tout the presence of high-speed Internet connectivity.

"In a technology-driven economy, it's important that companies have access to high-speed Internet service, which they can use to help them grow their business," said Sen. Mike Schulz, R-Altus. "AT&T's Fiber Ready certification is great for Altus because it helps power economic opportunity in the community and throughout the state."

"As a city with a future to share. It's important that companies know that Altus has the infrastructure in place to help businesses grow," said Brian Bush, president of the Altus Chamber of Commerce. "We are excited to announce this Fiber Ready designation because it helps us spread the word that Altus is connected and ready for business."

With the designation of being AT&T Fiber Ready, economic development leaders can more effectively position their communities for site selection by emphasizing the availability of high-speed, fiber-based services.