Christmas party at Brookridge

Christmas party at Brookridge

LAWTON, Okla.(KSWO)_Residents at the Brookridge Retirement community set the Christmas mood Thursday evening with their annual party.

The party included a big buffet for the residents, their families and friends, as well as some live entertainment.

"I feel wonderful. My heart is rejoicing for the season and what it means to everybody. I'm so glad to be here in this situation to where I'm comfortable, taken care of and can enjoy life," said Betty Barnett, Brookridge resident.

Brookridge Community Relations Director Rebecca Perryman said they sent out about 100 invitations this year in hopes of drawing a big crowd and creating a good family atmosphere at the center.

"We do everything for the residents so they have something to look forward to. A lot of them are not in good enough health to leave the premises, so we try to bring their family and friends to them," Perryman said.

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