Sen. Lankford praises oil export bill

Sen. Lankford praises oil export bill

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Oklahoma's junior U.S. senator says the bill signed by President Obama allowing U.S. exports of oil will improve our economy, and our political power worldwide.

Senator James Lankford has been pushing for the action since he took office. Monday, during a stop in Lawton, he talked about the impact it could have in Oklahoma.

"When we're allowed to export oil, we're always going to have the dips and the rises that happen with the oil market. This takes the bottom out of the dips, is basically what it does, so the lowest part that would be there is not as low as the natural cycle of oil. Because right now, there's not a lot of production that's happening around the United States," Sen. Lankford said.

Senator Lankford also talked about his recent "Federal Fumbles" project, which highlighted 100 times the federal government dropped the ball. It points out examples of unnecessary regulations, as well as duplication and waste in the federal government.

"There was a national park service grant that was out this past year that studied what do bugs do in rural areas when you turn on a light. Ok? Well, any Oklahoman can tell you what bugs do in a rural area when you turn on the light, yet we taxpayers spent a lot of money on that study. Yet there are multiple other studies like that," Sen. Lankford said.

Senator Lankford said the idea of "Federal Fumbles" is a tribute of sorts to previous Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn's annual review of government waste, which Senator Coburn called "Wastebook."

Senator Lankford said the "Wastebook" inspired one government study that saved taxpayers $75 billion last year alone.

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