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LETA completes $50,000 beautification project

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –The Lawton Enhancement Trust Authority completed more than $50,000 in beautification projects across the city recently.

In two of their largest projects, LETA replaced greenery around the entrance to the Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport that was damaged by last year's drought. Trustees also planted new shrubs and flowers along Southwest Lee Boulevard, Shepler Park, McMahon Auditorium and in medians throughout the city.

Councilman Jay Burk says they are putting the finishing touches throughout Lawton. Burk says you'll see new plants and flowers just about anywhere you look once their work is done.

First impressions are everything, and that's why LETA trustees have made it their business to try and beautify the city of Lawton. Lawton cares about its community and plans on beautifying and making Lawton a better place to live.

The project has been underway since 2010, but after five years of a drought, the city had to go back and replant many of the plants they started on along Southwest 11th Street between Highway 277 and the entrance of the Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport.

That project was completed last week, along with another project along Second Street. Now, phase two of LETA's largest project is completed.

“The idea is we’ll be able to get that done and landscape this all the way from 11th Street to I-44, all the way to Lee Boulevard," Burk said.

Burk says LETA has spent more than $250,000 on the projects. That funding comes from community donations and from a percentage of the city's Hotel Motel Tax.

Burk hopes to give the residents a town they are proud to call home.

“Lawton at times, it’s been said it’s dirty, we need to clean it up. When I came on council eight or nine years ago, that was my goal. To make Lawton a better place to live for our kids and that people who wanted to come here had a place to call home,” Burk said.

LETA will announce its annual "Yard of the Year" and "Eye Candy" awards at its annual gala on Feb. 19.

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