Christmas card delivery to veterans in Lawton

Christmas card delivery to veterans in Lawton

LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Disabled veterans in Lawton got Christmas cards written by school children from all over the United States Monday. Former State Representative Joe Dorman of Rush Springs dropped off 900 specially-decorated cards to the Lawton-Fort Sill Veterans Center. This is the 5th year Dorman has done the Holiday for Heroes Christmas card program.

Once they got the cards out, the veteran's face just lit up. Almost every card had a Christmas message inside that the veterans got to read, but the favorites were the ones colored in red, white and blue. One card read 'Thank you for your service' with the American flag drawn beneath it.

Air Force Vietnam veteran Lawrence Murray looks through the pile of cards he got today. He shared some with his friends, and spent time carefully reading and enjoying each one.

Murray says he has already gotten some Christmas cards, but thinks it's wonderful that kids who don't even know them remember veterans like him during the holiday season.

"I was just thinking that we were going to be forgotten, but we're not forgotten," said Murray.

Dorman did not want any veteran forgotten, which is why he started this program in 2010.

He saw that cards being sent to veterans weren't getting to the right places, and volunteered to take them himself, which he has been doing every year since.

"I never expected it to grow like this," said Dorman. "Just the wonderful feeling you get when these cards come from all over the United States that people are adding in a couple of extra cards to the ones they send out to their loved ones to include the veterans in their thoughts."

The cards are delivered to Dorman, he sorts through them, and gets them ready to be sent out. Bags of cards are being sent to the veteran centers in Ardmore, Claremore, Clinton, Norman Sulphur and Talihina. But Dorman delivered this batch to Lawton and Fort Sill.

"I'm happy to do this every year," said Dorman. "Knowing it's going to do some good for these men and women, and some of them it may be the only Christmas card they get and that means a lot to make sure they're not forgotten over the holidays."

The Lawton-Fort Sill Veterans Center says they are saving some of the Christmas cards given Monday for Christmas eve to hand out to the veterans during their Angel Tree present event.

Dorman says if you missed sending a card this year the day to send your card for next year starts now.

Send holiday cards to:

Holiday for Heroes, c/o Joe Dorman
PO Box 559
Rush Springs, Oklahoma 73082

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