DA: Homicide case will go through juvenile division

DA: Homicide case will go through juvenile division

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –The district attorney has elected to file a murder case with a teenage girl as the suspect through the juvenile division instead of trying her as an adult or a youthful offender, which carries the potential for much stiffer punishment.

The girl was arrested in September, suspected in the killing of Jeremy Jacobs outside his home in north Lawton. Witnesses said she and an underage boy were arguing with the victim just before he was shot. The girl ran from the scene, but authorities tracked her down at her home with a parent who brought her to the police station for questioning.

After the interrogation, she was placed in the custody of juvenile authorities where she has remained ever since.

Comanche County District Attorney Fred Smith released a brief statement on the case saying the case against her will proceed under the juvenile division until it is resolved.

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