Toys donated after Christmas presents stolen from children's shelter

Toys donated after Christmas presents stolen from children's shelter

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Lawton Police Union and the community collected toys for kids at the J Roy Dunning Children's Shelter Tuesday after their entire stash of presents was stolen.

Police say a woman who worked for the shelter was seen by another employee taking the presents from under the tree, loading them up in her car and then driving away. Police found video surveillance, confirming what that employee saw. The woman has been fired from the shelter and the investigation is ongoing, but Christmas won't be ruined for those kids.

Once word got around about what happened in the shelter, the next question for them was how they could help. The police union reached out to different active members of the community, and one of them, Sherene Williams, stepped up to help.

"I thought that was really terrible," said Williams.

Williams says all of the children at the shelter deserve to have a happy Christmas.

"That hurts my heart because you're talking about someone's that already in need and then you taking more from these children," said Williams "It's just not right."

Hot Wheels, crayons, race cars and new Christmas pajamas, all ready to deliver to the shelter.

Vice president of the Lawton Police Union Darrell Southerland says it is one thing for someone to steal, but it's different when it's stealing from a child.

"When you're dealing with kids it just kind of hits you at home a little bit in your heart," said Southerland. "If you can make Christmas special for any kid it makes you feel good inside."

Williams says it seems like the thief hit rock bottom for this to have happened, but says she won't hold it against the woman. She wants the thief to come forward, give the toys back, and also if she is really in need, ask for help.

"Just like we're helping the children," said Williams. "Because the gifts have been taken so most likely we can help you, also."

They think what they brought to the shelter today will be enough to replace what was taken. But if you want to help, you can call the J Roy Dunning Children's Shelter at 580-357-6263 to find out what else they might need and how to donate it.

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