Child, 7, rescued from tree by Lawton Fire

Child, 7, rescued from tree by Lawton Fire

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-The Lawton Fire Department rescued a 7-year-old girl who'd gotten stuck in a tree more than 30 feet off the ground on Wednesday.

Sarah Carroll's parents said she'd been playing in the backyard, and when they went to check on her, they realized she was stuck.  She told them she climbed a chain link fence to get onto the tree, and just kept going higher, but couldn't get down.

The fire department deployed their ladder to help bring her down in just a matter of seconds.

When asked about her adventure, Sarah simply said, "The fireman rescued me out of the tree."

Sarah said the fireman told her she was a good climber, but she was excited to get back on the ground, and never plans to climb that tree again.

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