MacArthur student sent home for distracting clothing, plans T-shirt protest

MacArthur student sent home for distracting clothing, plans T-shirt protest

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -The story behind a Lawton student's dress code violation went viral after she posted her story to social media.

MacArthur High School junior Rose Lynn says she was sent home twice for violating the school's dress code on Dec. 11. She says she was told her outfit was inappropriate by her English teacher and her principal, because her shirt did not cover her crotch while she wore leggings and that it would be a distraction to the boys.

Lynn went home upset and said she felt singled out by her teachers. After already missing a math test she had studied for all week, she decided to take a stand.

"I ran up to the Dollar Tree grabbed a shirt grabbed a Sharpie, told the lady to hold it and then we wrote the comments," Lynn said.

The shirt read, "It Doesn't Cover your CROTCH" on the front and, "You'll distract the boy's," on the back.

Lynn's mom, Misti Delgado, says her daughter sent her a text before she went back to school with a picture of the shirt she had made.

"I'll be honest with you, the comment I said to her was if that's what they said and this is what you are doing, be prepared for the consequences," Delgado said.

When Lynn returned to school wearing the shirt, she was told again to go back home to change her clothes. Despite being reprimanded Delgado says she stands by her daughter's decision.

"She didn't come back to school with a gun, she came back to school with a T-shirt. She is not out to harm anybody or anything like that. She came back with a T-shirt of the words told to her that she would distract the boys," Delgado said.

Lynn says she hopes to bring light to an issue she feels is constantly overlooked in school, gender bias.

"Young boys, they walk around with their pants around their knees, they wear muscle shirts in class, they wear tank tops in class…I could say 'well his triceps are nice, they're distracting me.' Whereas my education is not taking the priority, whereas they're walking around school in what you could say is the same provocative clothing as the young ladies," Lynn said.

Lynn posted the picture of the shirt on Facebook, which has been shared thousands times.

Lynn is hoping that everyone will support her on Jan. 14 by wearing T-shirts that say "I am not a distraction" on the front, and #youlldistracttheboys on the back. She is also hoping that everyone will take to social media with that very same hashtag.

Lawton Public Schools released the following statement:

"It is extremely important that our district maintain a school environment conducive to academic achievement. We strive to meet that goal and to avoid disrupting the learning process as much as possible."

Lynn and her mother have a meeting set up with the school's principal next week regarding her Jan. 14 T-shirt protest.

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