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Wind topples neighborhood trees across Lawton

(Source KSWO) (Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK(KSWO)- The wind is one of the top stories with the weather that has hit so far this weekend.

For the last five years, Ryan Totte has lived in his home on Northwest Baltimore, near 38th Street. Totte said his giant tree in the backyard was leaning and he knew it would fall eventually. But when he woke up Sunday morning, and realized it had toppled onto their power lines, it made a bad situation even worse.

"I have partial power. It's like some rooms have it some rooms don't. It's really weird so part of the kitchen does, part of the kitchen is out. My bedroom has power so I have had my fireplace going all day to try to stay warm," Totte said.

There is the possibility that more trees and power lines could fall across our area if ice begins to collect on branches and power lines, weighing them down.

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