UPDATE: PSO tackles power outages in Lawton, Comanche County

UPDATE: PSO tackles power outages in Lawton, Comanche County
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Despite the clear skies and relatively dry roads, it's been a gloomy day for thousands in Southwest Oklahoma who are still without power tonight.

The relentless winds started battering the area Saturday night, and kept pounding into early Monday morning. It knocked down countless power poles, and cast entire communities into darkness.

Power crews have been deployed all across the area in a frantic effort to restore power to families who shivered in their homes as temperatures dipped below freezing. In Comanche County, PSO has just over 4,400 customers without power Tuesday morning after hitting a high of more than 20,000.

More than 500 PSO workers worked throughout Comanche County Monday to restore power. A spokesperson from PSO says they will bring in an additional 100 workers Tuesday morning to fix the outages.

One man is visiting Lawton during the midst of the winter storm and is doing everything he can to conserve resources with his family since the power outage.

Brian Campbell is visiting his mother-in-law for the holidays and says his family woke up to the outage and have been doing the best they can to conserve resources.

"We used instant coffee with hot water from the hot water tank. Crackers, cereal, milk form the fridge. Limiting the amount we open the fridge so the food in the fridge stays good longer," Campbell said.

As far as staying warm, they have all been snuggling up together, but Campbell says he hopes they won't have to do that for long.With powerlines down throughout the city and county, he may be waiting a while."There's a gas fireplace that I will be looking at here in a few minutes. We've been kind of wrapped in blankets. It's not real cold in the house yet, but I'm sure it will get a lot colder before the power does come back on," Campbell said.

Campbell has a 5-year-old daughter and he says as soon as the lights began to flash Sunday night, he knew he had to be prepared to keep her occupied.

"We did have the youngsters' tablet charged up and ready to go for today, so she has a full charge on her little tablet where she can watch little videos," Campbell said.

He hopes to head back to Indianapolis Tuesday, but says it will depend on the road conditions in the morning.

A spokesperson for PSO said their priority list included making sure hospitals and emergency management facilities, water plants and sewer treatment centers all had power, then they would focus on residential areas.

PSO has a few tips for those still in the dark. Officials say do not rely on the garage opener to work during severe weather, you should always have a house key. Also, assume any downed utility line is energized and deadly, keep your distance and call PSO to report it. Lastly, subscribe to outage alerts with the PSO app and use the KSWO weather app (Apple or Android) for the latest information on severe weather.

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