Power crew travelling from San Antonio to Lawton

Power crew travelling from San Antonio to Lawton

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -About 30 power company workers from San Antonio are heading to Lawton to help with the repair process and get everyone back online.

PSO put out the call for help Monday afternoon, and 12 bucket trucks—along with a crew of linemen, trainees, a mechanic, a foreman and a construction manager— from CPS Energy prepared to make the long drive north Tuesday morning.  CPS said within two hours of getting the call, more than two dozen of their workers had volunteered for duty.

"They're all about the customer. We go out in storms here, bad weather here. They look at that as mutual assistance, a fellow customer up in Oklahoma that's out of power. It's cold. It's miserable. So we're willing to go up there and help them out. They're primarily going to be assigned to neighborhoods in Lawton, where they'll be climbing poles in backyards to make repairs," said David Luschen with CPS Energy.

That will allow PSO crews to work on the transmission lines while CPS crews work on the distribution side, which feeds houses.

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