Medwatch-More women are boxing for fitness

Medwatch-More women are boxing for fitness

(ABC) -An old sport is getting new interest as more women start picking up the boxing gloves and stepping in the ring.

"Boxing's really changed my life," said Kendra Cuffe, a woman who boxes for fitness.

And she's not alone, more and more women are putting on the gloves and getting their workouts through boxing. They're discovering what boxers have known all along; that the sport is a great way to condition your entire body.

"You work the whole body, just your basic movements from punching to stuff like that. You're working from your toes on up, so you get a good sweat you get your heart rate pumping," said Breon Smiley, a professional boxer and coach.

A boxing workout typically burns at least 350 calories an hour, depending on your weight and the intensity level. It's also a great way to get stronger as the repetitive movement builds up arm, leg and core muscles. And an added benefit, the bag is a great way to deflate your stress.

"A lot of people throughout life, they got problems going on, stress or whatever the case may be. You put those gloves on start punching the bag…that helps," Smiley said.

So, if you're looking for something new out there to get you moving, try putting on the gloves and hitting like a girl.

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