Proposed recycling program to be optional

Proposed recycling program to be optional

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The City of Lawton is getting ready to bring back recycling. This is after months of research from the city's recycling committee. Next Tuesday, the city council will consider the option of a recycling subscription service, provided by an outside contractor. This will allow citizens a choice on whether they want to pay to have recycling.

The committee started to explore ways the city could start a recycling program, but realized they couldn't come up with the funds. So they turned to a private company to provide a subscription recycling service to citizens for an extra $7 a month on their utility bill.

"Recycling is good," said Lawton City Councilman Doug Wells. "If you can afford it."

Wells says the outside contractor will start this program only if 5,000 households sign on to pay the extra fee.  He says they did not want citizens to feel like the city is forcing everyone to pay for recycling so they made it an option.

Wells says his committee hopes if the council accepts the program, and they can get that first 5,000 people to start, that recycling would become something everyone would want to do.

"If I see my neighbors doing it and I'm not I might consider saying hey maybe ought to be doing that," said Wells. "So it's a pilot program that hopefully we build in to the whole city doing. That would be wonderful."

If the city council votes to accept this plan, they will start a campaign to get people to sign up. City officials say they will send out application for the program with your utility bill. Wells says the outside contractor can get the recycling program up and running 3 months after they hit that 5,000 household mark.

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