Medwatch-Seasonal allergies

Medwatch-Seasonal allergies

(CNN) -A change in seasons can be a burden for people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

While colder weather often brings relief to those who suffer from outdoor allergies, colder weather can also bring problems for indoor allergy sufferers.

"If they have indoor allergens related to animal dander, to the dust mites and some people have problems with cockroaches, that exposure is just going to be higher and they'll have more symptoms related to being indoors rather than outdoors," explained Dr. Lily Pien, Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Pien says using an air purifier can help with indoor allergies, but humidifiers are not always a good idea since dust mites and mold thrive in humidity. According to Dr. Pien, another problem often brought on by the change in seasons is the increased risk for viral infections. She says people often come in this time of year not certain if their symptoms are from a viral infection, or are allergy based.

"This time of year when people are staying indoors more, when viruses are more prone to become a problem, probably would be a consideration for some of their symptoms, so you're going to want to see, is it really my allergies? Or is it something like an upper respiratory infection," Dr. Pien said.

Dr. Pien says that it's also important to keep temperature change in mind when traveling during winter months. She advises taking allergy medications before heading into a situation where allergies can be aggravated.

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