Medwatch-Sports injuries

Medwatch-Sports injuries

(CNN) -With so many NFL athletes ending the regular season on injured reserve, it's easy to recognize the inherent risk of high impact sports such as football. But you don't have to be a professional athlete, or play a high-impact sport, to suffer an injury that could knock you out of the game.

Often times, the most impactful injuries are not the ones that you see on TV.

"Probably what we see most as sports medicine specialists are the overuse sort of chronic injuries. Especially this day and age where a lot of kids are doing the same sport all year round and even some professional athletes who are doing the same sport all year round," said Dr. Lutul Farrow, Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Farrow says the likelihood of an injury is not usually based on your skill level. He says recreational athletes tend to be injured less, simply because they aren't playing or practicing as many hours as collegiate or professional athletes. The chances of re-injuring yourself, or continuing to do damage to your body, all depends on the severity of the injury and how much time your body has to recover. Dr. Farrow says while the goal is to get you back to your sport of choice safely, in some cases, hanging it up is the best choice for your health.

"You really have to sometimes sit down to have some very frank discussions with them as to 'this may not be the best thing for your long term joint health or the health of your brain,' if it comes down to concussions or things like that," Dr. Farrow said.

Dr. Farrow says everyone walks away from their sport at some time, but finding a low-impact activity like swimming can help an athlete stay active and keep their competitive juices flowing.

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