Medwatch-Students give marathon prize money to cancer research

Medwatch-Students give marathon prize money to cancer research

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Every year, before the Spirit of Survival, local schools are asked to have students participate in the Superhero Kid's Marathon.

Most of the marathon is done at school during physical education classes prior to race day. One of the Lawton elementary school's won a cash award for participation, and while usually this money is used for a party, the students at one school had a better plan for their winnings.

The physical education students at Hugh Bish Elementary School decided they wanted the money they won to go back to the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma for cancer research and clinical trials to help more people.

"We just don't think that we need it, and we can just let them have it back. So that they can, well, cure more patients," said Kelsey McIsaac, a fifth-grade student from Hugh Bish.

McIsaac was just one of the more than 30 students who participated from her school and chose to donate the money. And this wasn't the first time they've won and given back, they've won almost every year. Kelsey's friend and fellow fifth-grader, Jada Richardson was also excited to give back.

"I really want to support cancer. Cancer is the one thing that I really needed to support for now and everything for the hospital," Richardson said.

Physical education teacher Janet Schmahl says her students have big hearts and it doesn't surprise her at all that they are so giving.

"Many of these children have family members or friends who have had cancer or are experiencing that right now, and so you know it's not even a decision anymore. We all just decide if we win money we are going to give it back," Schmahl said.

Kelsey and Jada are excited to participate in the Superhero Kid's Marathon again next year, and hopefully win again.

"I just really like participating in it and it's a really good cause," McIsaac said.

"I'm really excited. It was so fun," Richardson said.

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