Medwatch-Gut health

Medwatch-Gut health

(ABC) -Many diseases get their start in your digestive system, so some doctors are going there to treat them.

"This is scary, this isn't just about feeling better, looking better, getting nice clothes, it really was about life and mortality more than anything," said Betsy Nathan, a patient.

Nathan says she tried everything to get healthy, but nothing worked. Out of desperation, she turned to nurse practitioner Lisa Vasile who says not all, but most disease stems from the digestive system or the gut.

Vasile and physician Patti Zub are functional health practitioners who try to find and fix the root cause of disease. They say conditions—such as diabetes, fatigue and even autoimmune disorders—are a red flag that something's off in the body.

"A lot of it comes from the gut, and how cool would it be if you could fix the gut and all those things would go away, too," Vasile said.

So, how do you fix the gut? Vasile and Zub say it starts with eliminating highly processed and sugary foods, and instead eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, lean protein and complex carbs. They say you should add foods rich in prebiotics and probiotics because they promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Prebiotic powerhouses include: asparagus, bananas, legumes, oatmeal, artichokes, garlic and onions.

"Many of the chronic disease in our society that we treat with pills can really be beautifully addressed with lifestyle changes, exercise, stress management, the right nutritional support," Dr. Zub said.

In other health news, the Southwest Oklahoma Amputee Program will meet Thursday, Jan. 21, at 4 p.m. in the Jim Thorpe Rehab Dayroom. The support group is open to anyone with an amputation. For more information, call 580-353-9414.

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