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Duncan community marches in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Community members celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a march through Duncan’s downtown area.

The march started at 12th and Main Street, and continued for about three blocks. Michelle Monroe says she brought her children to the march to teach them about their history.

"I have mixed children, and I believe them knowing their heritage and where they come from and know where they're going and know about Martin Luther King and the dream because we have to realize the dream has come true. Blacks, whites and all races can walk together," said Michelle Monroe, a marcher.

Before the march, Antioch Baptist Church held a worship service.

Pastor Ronald Boyd says Dr. King has been an inspiration to him his walk in ministry. He says he models after Dr. King’s integrity and faith. He also recounted where he was the day Dr. King was assassinated.

"I think I was at a school function when he was assassinated, and I do remember going home. I have two older sisters, I remember how they were crying. And my mother, she was at work, and how she called to comfort them,” Pastor Boyd said.

Pastor Boyd says he was too young to know what kind of impact Dr. King had made, but he understands it now all too well.

"Dr. King stood in the gap for so many of us. The lord put it upon his heart to seek out and acquire justice for we as black Americans, and not just black Americans but for all people," Pastor Boyd said.

Pastor Boyd says as a leader in Christ, Dr. King has inspired his faith.

"He was sure of what he was doing and that inspired me to the point as a man of God, and as a minister we have to be sure we have to be sure when we stand before the people and we have to be sure about what we are saying," he said.

Pastor Boyd also says we should reflect on two topics Dr. King often spoke about…peace and love, and to remember that love has no color.

After the march, participants enjoyed a free viewing of the movie "Woodlawn" at the Palace Theatre. Woodlawn is about a high school football team and their dedication to love and unity in while being met with racism.

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