Speed reduced on 20 Stephens County roads

Speed reduced on 20 Stephens County roads
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

STEPHENS COUNTY, OK (KSWO) -Big changes are coming for drivers in the northern portion of Stephens County.

Soon, 20 county roads will see speed limits reduced by 10 miles per hour. Stephens County Commissioner David McCarley says the speed limit on those county roads is 55, but soon they will be changed to 45. McCarley says the change is needed due to poor road conditions, like pot holes and deteriorating pavement.

A lot of roads are so worn down that nearly all of the pavement is gone. Commissioner McCarley made a resolution for the change at Tuesday's commissioners meeting, and it passed. Now, he hopes this measure will help ease road problems in District 1.

Morrison Road, one out of 20 roads in northeast Stephens County, will undergo a change to its speed limit due to poor road conditions. Deann Lebotte lives on Morrison Road and explained what a drive down the road is like.

"It's a hit and miss to say the least. That means if you don't hit the pot hole, you try and miss it," she said.

Lebotte says she's lived there for years, and she knows where the pot holes are. But, she says she still pays close attention to the road.

"Hopefully, I'm praying to God that there isn't another car on the other end of that hill when you're trying to avoid that pot hole," she said.

Commissioner David McCarley says heavy oil trucks driving on the roads, combined with last year's record rainfall totals, are the reason for the roads deteriorating, justifying the speed limit change.

"We've had places open up in the roads that are the width of the 100 feet long, like a sinkhole almost, and it's just like a mud mire," Commissioner McCarley explained.

Commissioner McCarley says residents complain about the roads daily, but because of the heavy traffic from all the oil equipment being transported on semi-trucks, they cannot be repaved. So, he presented a resolution at the Stephens County Commissioners meeting Tuesday to get the speed limit changed on these roads.

"We have to do what we can to help protect the citizens that live here. I mean, even though the oil field traffic comes in and out, most of them are contract people. But, these people live here, they travel these roads every day," he said.

Commissioner McCarley says when all the oil traffic slows down, he plans to get those 20 roads repaved.

Commissioner McCarley says he hopes to hear back from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation by the end of the month.

The following roads have had their speed limit reduced by 10 mph:

South of Highway 29 to the end of District #1
E 1650 from 2940-2960
E 1670 from 2940-2960
2950 from 1670-1680
E 1660 near 2960
N 3000
N 3010
N 3020
N 3030
N 3040
N 3050
E1670 from 3020-3050

North of Highway 29 to county line
E 1620 (Goad) from 2910 (Baily) east
N 2940 (Morrison)
E 1630 east of 3020
E 1612 east of 3040

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