Lawton Fire Department gets new pumper truck, more to come

Lawton Fire Department gets new pumper truck, more to come
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -The Lawton Fire Department received two new pumper trucks, and there are more to come.

The two new pumper trucks are fully loaded with plenty of extra room to hold more life-saving equipment. The fire department says they are excited to have the upgraded transportation.

Assistant Fire Chief Eric Troutman said it was a necessary purchase, because the old trucks are about 20 years old. The new trucks have the capability of carrying a lot more water.

The Lawton Fire Department is known for its aggressive firefighting and quick response time, but now with the help of a shiny new truck with a price tag of $475,000, Assistant Chief Troutman says their fire extinguish time will be even faster.

"Compared to the trucks we were getting 20 years ago…about 250 more gallons of water, which will allow us up to four or five minutes additional time before we have to hook up to a hydrant," Assistant Chief Troutman explained.

When it comes to fires, Troutman says every minute means life or death, total destruction or being able to save a structure.

"That extra time allows us to put more bodies, firefighting bodies, in the structure to get the fire put out and any rescue efforts underway," he explained.

Assistant Chief Troutman says there is a pretty significant difference in the new models than the older trucks.

"Considerably larger than our other trucks, we're able to carry more equipment on them. Considerably more expensive and they are just better able to serve the needs that exist in the 21st century," he said.

One of the new trucks will be housed at Station 5, which is located at Northwest 53rd Street and Gore Boulevard. The other truck is still being outfitted with all its equipment, but it will be assigned to Station 4, which is on Northwest Cache Road, just west of Sheridan Road.

Two more vehicles are on the way, a third pumper truck a ladder truck.

"Which allows us to access, obviously, the high rises in town. It gives us about a 90- to 110-foot working heights," Assistant Chief Troutman said.

The ladder truck for Station 5 is expected to arrive in February. The additional pumper truck will arrive in October and is expected to be housed at Station 8, which has not been built yet, but it will be located at Southwest 52nd Street and Bishop Road.

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