Students visit with city and community leaders

Students visit with city and community leaders

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Some Lawton students got the chance to share a private and personal meal with a group of city and community leaders.

The kids entered a raffle back in December at a Christmas gala for the opportunity to meet a mentor. One of the event's organizers, Wendell Tillman, said they had been looking for ways to connect young people with adults who could inspire them.

"You need somebody to be an example for you to plant that seed in you, of greatness, to say that you can do this. No matter what the obstacle is, no matter what the problem is, you can do it. All things are possible," said event organizer Wendall Tillman.

In addition to gaining personal knowledge from each of the mentors, each student also was given a pledge to sign which listed specific ways they will grow as a person, and as a leader in their schools.

"It's important for yourself, and your parents and people that have rule over you that you should learn by this pledge. You should read it every day so you can get better and better," said 7th-grader Janiya Williams.

"They're people who have been through what we've been through and we can follow their footsteps and their lives," said 10th-grader Darrien Brown.

Organizers say they hope to make this a regular event. They have a workshop scheduled for later this month at the H.C. King Center, where kids will be able to learn how to better express themselves artistically.

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