Life Alert saves woman after attack

Life Alert saves woman after attack

MARLOW, OK (KSWO) -A Marlow woman is crediting her Life Alert necklace for coming to her rescue after she was attacked by her grandson.

Marlow police say the attack happened on New Year's Day at a home on the 500 block of East Young Street. The woman told police her grandson was arguing with his girlfriend when he hit the girlfriend and she tried to step in and help. When she did, he turned his anger to her.

The grandmother says after her grandson grabbed her, she tried to reach for the phone to call for help, but her grandson yanked it out of the wall. That's when she remembered her Life Alert and hit the panic button. Police say that very well may have saved her life.

"Grandmother had enough alertness to push that button, which probably put a stop to this real quick because someone could have gotten seriously, seriously hurt," said Marlow Police Chief Elvis Walker.

Chief Walker says the woman's ability to keep her bearings and remember she had her Life Alert necklace around her neck gave her another way to let the police know she needed help, and fast.

"I find that amazing. Usually your adrenaline is flowing, you're scared, keeping your sense about you to know that's still around your neck," Chief Walker said.

Chief Walker says the woman's altercation with her grandson left her with a bruise on her left arm. The girlfriend had swelling on both sides of her face. Chief Walker says the woman had the emergency alert tool, even though she used it for a different purpose.

"I think they're well worth the money to have. Like in her case she needs it, it's there on her neck, she pushed the button and here we are," Chief Walker said.

Chief Walker says he doesn't want to think about what could have happened if she didn't have Life Alert.

"I recommend it. I think if you're going to be living in a household by yourself or something like that, think they are worth it. For this deal it paid off," Chief Walker said.

Chief Walker says the woman's grandson is being held at the Stephens County Jail after he was found just over a week ago. He is expected to face several charges.

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