Arrests made in shooting death, crime spree

Arrests made in shooting death, crime spree
Keith Dubose (Source Lawton Police Department)
Keith Dubose (Source Lawton Police Department)
Andrew Gaines (Source Lawton Police Department)
Andrew Gaines (Source Lawton Police Department)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Lawton Police say they have arrested the suspected killer in a shooting that happened Nov. 5, 2015, on the city's northwest side.

Police say the district attorney has accepted a second-degree murder charge against Malike Gibson in the shooting death of Joshua Whitehead. Gibson is expected to be formally charged Tuesday.

Whitehead was found dead in his car Nov. 5, after he had crashed into the Fort Sill border fence at Northwest 40th Street and Rogers Lane.

Investigators say two other men were also arrested in connection with the killing, as well as three robberies that occurred over a three-hour span that same night. Police say they held up two people who were walking on Southwest 'G' Avenue, and shot one victim in the foot. About 90 minutes later, the three stabbed a man in his home on Northwest Kingsbury Avenue after forcing their way inside and demanding drugs and money. Finally, they tricked another person to get in their car, saying they needed help, tried to rob him and shot him in the leg.

Detectives say they sent the shell casings from all the scenes of the Nov. 5 crimes to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. When it came back that all the bullets were fired from the same gun, the puzzle pieces finally fit together.

"It was a pretty wild night for our patrol officers," said Lawton Police Detective David Schucker.

Detective Schucker believes the crimes they committed that night on a joy ride were all crimes of opportunity, but they believe one of the suspects knew Whitehead. Police have not released a motive.

"The other incidents, I don't think they knew who they were. They were just random people walking down the street and these three guys out drinking. I believe there was some drug use involved and they had firearms with them and things went bad," Det. Schucker said.

Detective Schucker says officers tried to pull the three suspects over in a vehicle Jan. 15.

"I think these guys knew what was coming. And when the gang officers went to stop them, they jumped out of their car and ran," Det. Schucker said.

Malike Gibson and Andrew Gaines were caught after running from the vehicle. Keith Dubose was arrested the following day for possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction.

Detective Schucker says once they were taken into custody, they brought in victims from the robberies to look at photo lineups.

"I mean, this is a scary thing for these victims. I can tell you that all three of these suspects are gang related and that throws some fear into the victims obviously. Fear of retaliation," Det. Schucker said.

He says it was an emotional phone call to Joshua Whitehead's family to let them know that they made the arrests.

"It's personally satisfying to know that I can help them head towards the conclusion and closure of this terrible tragedy that happened to their family," Det. Schucker said.

He says it is an awesome feeling to know that by making these arrests they have that danger away from the community and all of those involved.

"It really feels good to know that we have gotten these three dangerous people off the streets. I mean, one of the concerns is committing these crimes and feeling that they got away with those crimes. How far would they go next?" Det. Schucker said,

Police say through talking to the suspects after the arrests, they have also been tied a shooting that happened outside an EZ-Go on Jan. 7.

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