2 teens charged with murder in Anadarko convenience store shooting

2 teens charged with murder in Anadarko convenience store shooting
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

ANADARKO, OK (KSWO) -Two teenagers were charged Wednesday in the cold-blooded killing of an Anadarko convenience store owner.

"These are not juvenile type crimes that you generally think of. These are crimes that you would expect hardened criminals to do," said District Attorney Jason Hicks.

At a press conference in Anadarko, Hicks announced that 18-year-old Joshua Lonewolf and 17-year-old Marcus Escobar were charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Son Duong.

Police say surveillance cameras first captured Lonewolf walking by the store around midnight Friday, Jan. 22, and then again just minutes later when he entered the store. Police say all the while, Escobar was across the street as the lookout, texting and calling Lonewolf to let him know if people were coming to the store.

Officers say Lonewolf fired three rounds from a shotgun just seconds after walking inside, killing Duong. Then, he dragged the victim to the back of the store. A customer came in shortly after and Lonewolf walked out the front door.

Son Duong's brother says he and his brother came to America from Vietnam in 1981 to make a better life for themselves. He says his brother was a good man who loved the people of Anadarko. He also said when his brother was asked by people why he didn't carry a gun in the store for safety, he said, "I don't have the heart to hurt anyone."

Community members say that heart was what shown through everything he did at his store.

A makeshift memorial has been made outside the store Duong has owned since 2008. Flowers and cards lie on the cement as a small offering in Duong's memory.

"It's a terrible loss and it's unspeakable. It's unspeakable how someone could be that thoughtless," said Arlene Caesar, a regular customer at Kim's Country Mart.

Caesar came to drop off flowers and a card for the family. Caesar says she remembers how Duong was always full of advice.

"To his customers and wishing them a good day and to be safe and, probably mostly to young people, behave yourself," Caesar said.

Many of the people in Anadarko say they can't believe that Duong is gone, but they also can't believe two local teenagers are accused of committing the crime.

Retired Anadarko school teacher Katy Dawes says both boys were in her class.

"One is an honor student and was in school and was doing a good job. The other one ended up graduating and he struggled a little bit, but he was a good kid and I can't believe they got themselves into this terrible situation," Dawes said.

During the press conference, police said the shotgun used in the murder and the Dallas Cowboys jacket Lonewolf was wearing at the time were found at a house and taken in as evidence following the arrests of the two boys.

The press conference was temporarily postponed Wednesday afternoon after a bomb threat was called into the jail and the Caddo County 911 dispatch office. The

Anadarko Police Department said they were able to trace the call to a house and take a suspect into custody. At this time, they do not believe it was linked to the announcement of the charges against the two boys.

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