Bray-Doyle bus damaged during Cement homecoming game

Bray-Doyle bus damaged during Cement homecoming game
(Source Shane Burke)
(Source Shane Burke)

BRAY, OK (KSWO) -Administrators at Bray-Doyle High School are looking for the person responsible for shattering a bus window while parked during a basketball game in Cement Tuesday night.

The Cement Public Schools Superintendent Danny Pittman says the bus was parked in their high school parking lot during Tuesday night's homecoming game. He says when the Bray-Doyle High School basketball team got off the bus, the window was intact. After the game, however, they realized the bus had been targeted by vandals. While no one knows who's responsible for the damage, Pittman says his district will take responsibility.

Bray-Doyle school official don't plan on involving police, and they believe it was just kids being kids. If they find out who's responsible, they'll handle it internally.

In the meantime, both schools hope their students can help lead them to the person, or people, responsible for the broken window.

"Of course he is ashamed of the situation. We're actually sending somebody to go fix the window, we're going pay for that. It happened at our place so, we'll take care of that," Pittman said,

Pittman says the bus was parked in the parking lot with other vehicles and away from the gym. While he likes to believe it was accidental, he says it's not likely.

"We do know it had to be intentional, but we don't know who," Pittman said.

Pittman says he's shocked by this incident and says he's never had a problem like this before, even with rival schools. He says once he was made aware of the incident, he called for a school assembly. He wanted all of his students to know what happened in hopes someone would come forward with information. But more importantly, he wanted to remind them that this sort of behavior is inexcusable and not what they want to be known for.

"Try to find out who did it, if that's possible, and we're going to try and make sure our students are educated in the fact that we want to present a better image of ourselves," Pittman said.

Pittman says his district takes pride in holding students accountable for their actions, and says it's just a matter of time before they find the person they're looking for.

"There will be certain kids who we go to talk to first. I'm not saying we're going to find something, but the chances we know the kids well enough, we know who to talk to," Pittman said.

Friday is Senior Night for the Cement Bulldogs. Superintendent Pittman says they do have precautions in place for the game.

If you can help identify the person responsible, call Bray-Doyle Public Schools at 580-658-5070 or Cement Public Schools at 405-489-3216.

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