Child sexual abuse case ongoing in Stephens Co

Child sexual abuse case ongoing in Stephens Co

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) –The trial of Stephens County man charged with sexually abusing a child entered its second day.

The jury heard the defendant's words, along with testimony from one of the arresting investigators assigned to the case. Robert Derwin, 44, of Hastings, Oklahoma, was arrested March 2014 after his former sister-in-law accused him of sexually abusing a child in his care over a period of time. The allegations are based on text messages Derwin sent to her.

The jury watched a police interrogation video with Derwin, in which he tried to justify sending those sexual text massages. They also heard from one of the deputies on the case and how he was able to use those texts to make an arrest.

Deputy Jason Riggle said he was first made aware of the sexual abuse allegation after a woman provided him with text messages from Derwin that described the sexual acts he'd done to a child in his care. Riggle then contacted the victim's mother to see if she was aware of the allegations, and also spoke with the alleged victim.

Deputy Riggle said the child's mother was quite upset over the idea that the abuse had happened. He said the child then detailed all the sexual acts she said Robert Derwin had done. Deputy Riggle says he then tracked Derwin down at his home in Hastings, Oklahoma, and brought him in for questioning.

The jury heard that interview in court. Derwin admitted to sending the texts during the interview, but denied performing any of the sexual acts described. Derwin told Deputy Riggle that he had been molested by his step-father and step-mother as a child, and would never do the same thing to another child.

Derwin also said the person who received them said she was turned on by them, which is why he continued to send them. Deputy Riggle says it was during the interview with Derwin that he decide there was enough evidence provided through the text messages to arrest Derwin and book him into the Stephens County Jail.

Testimony was expected to wrap up Thursday. The jury should get the case Friday. If convicted, Derwin faces a minimum of 25 years in prison.

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