Duncan water safe to drink, just tastes off

Duncan water safe to drink, just tastes off
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Some Duncan residents say they have noticed a change in the taste of their tap water.

Last week, the City of Duncan changed the source of its water after an electrical problem caused the water pumps to go out at Waurika Lake. Public Works Director Ron Kroop says, in the interim, the city is getting its water from Lake Humphreys.

Kroop says he believes Mother Nature is to blame is to blame for the taste and smell. He says high winds on Lake Humphreys are stirring up materials in the water, making it difficult for them to be broken down during the filtration process.

"There's something almost for sure of an organic compound that has made it through the treatment processes, and upon consuming, drinking the water, there's something that's causing our taste buds to say, 'I haven't tasted this before,'" Kroop explained.

However, Kroop says the water will not hurt you.

"The water is safe to drink and we regret that there is a taste odor problem," Kroop said.

Kroop says the Public Works department takes pride in producing good, safe drinking water that's of a high quality. He says the city is not taking the problem lightly.

"We're not just shrugging our shoulders. We would wish this did not happen, but we will get on top of it and solve it," Kroop said.

Kroop says a specialist is scheduled to come out to Waurika Lake Wednesday. They hope to have the pump repaired by the end of this week, so they won't have to use Lake Humphreys anymore. In the meantime, he says he'll need a little help from the residents of Duncan.

"I ask for their patience as it will take a few days to clear out whatever that taste constitute is," Kroop said.

Kroop says Waurika Lake also provides water to Comanche, Lawton, Walters, Temple and Waurika, but they aren't having the same problem because each town provides their own water pumps for the service.

In addition to getting its water from Lake Humphreys, the city is also using around 10 million gallons of clean water that was already stored in its water towers and reservoir.

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