Big changes in store for Fort Sill

Big changes in store for Fort Sill
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) -Some big changes are underway at Fort Sill, and post officials say more could be on the way.

Fort Sill announced Tuesday a few hundred soldiers are headed here within the next year. Millions of dollars in new construction is in the works and the post is researching the possibility of changing Reynolds Army Community Hospital into a clinic.

Two battalions are headed to Fort Sill as a part of 2015's Base Realignment and Closure initiative. The battalions consist of about 800 soldiers, a mixture of Air Defense Artillery and Field Artillery troops.

Lieutenant Colonel JP Maddaloni said many of those soldiers will bring their families, so they're estimating about 1,600 people being added to the general population. He also says the post is getting ready to support those troops.

"It's motor pools its barracks space its making sure for ft. Sill that the care and services they need for the great training they're going to do but also to take care of those soldiers and family members are in place for them," Lt. Col. Maddaloni said,

Lt. Col. Maddaloni says this is an exciting time for Fort Sill, because the post is not only gaining more soldiers, but is expanding and adding a new gym and chapel.

The new Fires Fitness Center is expected to open in the summer and will include an on-site daycare. The new post chapel, named the Cache Creek Chapel, will open this summer as well.

Even with all the expansion, there is talk about possibly downsizing Reynolds Army Community Hospital to a clinic. Nothing has been set in stone, but Fort Sill has received orders from the medical command to look into it.

"We need to ensure that the same level of care that exist today will exist with whatever the transition and the change happens to Reynolds that the same level of care will be there," Lt. Col. Maddaloni said.

He says they are not making any quick assumptions or decisions when it comes to the medical care for the service members and their families.

"We want to make sure that the downtown area and our network, our larger medical network, is going to be able to take those capabilities that we currently have at Reynolds. And again, that there won't be any gaps," Lt. Col. Maddaloni said.

Fort Sill is just in the research stage with the hospital. Once they have done their analysis, they will send it up the chain of command and the medical command will make the decision after they review all the data and information.

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