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Temple family loses home in fire

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TEMPLE, OK (KSWO) -An early morning fire in Temple left a family without a home.

Firefighters say when they got to the home around 7:30 a.m. Thursday, it was already engulfed in flames. Five people were in the home at the time, and everyone made it out safely. The home was declared a total loss.

Firefighters spent hours putting out the flames and keeping an eye on the home. Hours after the fire first broke out, flames were still coming from what use to be the dining area.

Homeowner Emanuel Snider says he is still in shock as he looks at his home.

"Everything inside that house was brand new. I don’t know what could have caused it," Snider said.

He says he was sleeping when he woke up to a house filled with smoke. He quickly got his family out and then called for help. Fire Chief Chris Medcalf says it has been hard to determine where the fire started, because it's taken 10 firefighters working throughout the day to keep it controlled.

"There is some stuff inside the house that is keeps re-igniting, we are not sure what it is but we're having to babysit the water on it," Chief Medcalf explained.

Snider says as he looks at what is left of his home, all he can do is pray.

"I don't know what we are going to do from here, but the good lord shall provide us a way and hopefully we will be able to rebuild it or tear it down and build us another one," Snider said.

While the fire is still under investigation, Chief Medcalf says they do not suspect any foul play.

Snider does not have insurance on the home, but he remains thankful to have his family.

"We all made it out, but we just are going to have to try and start over and get things back on track again," Snider said,

The family is in touch with the Red Cross. They say they will be staying with a family member Thursday night until they are able to go into the home and salvage whatever they can.

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