Students put engineering skills to use in robot competition

Students put engineering skills to use in robot competition

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - More than 30 teams from all over Oklahoma came to MacArthur High School to show off their engineering skills. Middle and high schoolers gathered for the Vex Robot Competition where they competed to qualify for a state competition. They used careful planning and building skills to create a robot to get different colored balls into a soccer goal.

The coach of one of the teams here in Lawton says while the competition is fun, it's more about using math and science skills they learn in school and putting it toward a goal.

"It's not only the mechanics, it's also the programming and the planning and the design techniques that we teach," said Todd Wallace. "It gets the ball moving in their heads that yeah I can design these things, and I can engineering these things."

Wallace says he hopes these competitions allow students to experience what being an engineer is all about, and hopefully they would choose it as a profession in the future. He says if anyone is interested in these competitions, to call the Great Plains Technology Center.

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