Earthquake insurance gains popularity in Oklahoma

Earthquake insurance gains popularity in Oklahoma

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Over the weekend, Oklahoma was struck by the third strongest quake ever recorded in the state, registering at a magnitude of 5.1.

With the frequency of earthquakes in Oklahoma rapidly increasing, so is the demand for earthquake insurance.

With the increase of man-made quakes over the past six years, insurance agent Jennifer Robinette says interest in earthquake insurance is growing. Currently, she says about 50 percent of homeowners she helps are buying it. She says previously, a number of people were just calling to get quotes, but now that has changed.

"Fast forward six years later, a lot of people are just wanting it. It is part of the policy now. It is not part of the typical standard home policy, but when they are wanting the insurance to get started, they are wanting that endorsed on the policy," Robinette said.

Robinette says even though a quake hasn't hit south of I-40, people around Lawton are still opting to make the investment.

"They see that it is more prevalent and it is not just a fluke that Oklahoma had an earthquake. They see it is now kind of our new part of life," Robinette explained.

Robinette says it is important for homeowners to ask a lot of questions when searching for an earthquake policy that fits their specific needs. She says if you're not careful, you could get the wrong insurance, and not be covered at all.

"They have a lower deductible, but they don't cover things such as what they would call a man-made earthquake with the fracking and everything. Whereas other policies, like ours, do cover either natural earthquakes of the man-made earthquakes," Robinette explained.

She says when filing an earthquake claim with your insurance company, you'll need to prove where and when it took place.

"You would have to have had a record of that earthquake happening because just movement of the home, especially being next to Fort Sill, those shifts are kind of natural for us and not necessarily earthquake caused," Robinette said.

Robinette says it's important to ask about parts of the policy that strictly cover cosmetic damage to the home. She says without masonry veneer coverage, your policy could only cover the structure of the home such, as the foundation and frame.

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