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Millennials make up majority of wine drinkers

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -If your evenings are often spent with a glass of wine, you have more of a reason to pour one…because it is National Wine Day.

New research from the Wine Market Council proves there is a new consumer drinking that glass of chardonnay, and a lot of it. Millennials are said to drink nearly half of all the wine in the nation.

A restaurant owner and a liquor and wine store owner both agree that their clientele has definitely changed. Move over baby boomers, because adults 21 to 34 are the new sophisticated wine lovers.

Megan Richard, one of the owners of Cache Road Liquor, says they are constantly trying to keep up with their customers' curiosity and need for change.

"They're not even interested in what I would consider the basic varietals, cabernet and merlot. I've noticed people my age are interested in rose, Moscato, pinot noir, Spanish wines, Italian wines…things that you have to kind of think outside the box," Richard said.

Richard says the baby boomers who come into the store are more inclined to buy what they know.

"I think that the baby boomers, they enjoy and stuck with what they liked and they continued to drink it, which is fine. Stick with what you like. But I think we as millennials have the attitude of we wouldn't eat the same thing every day, why should we drink the same thing every day," Richard said.

Vera Oldham, the owner of The Silver Spoon in downtown Lawton, says her millennial customers come prepared with questions and references when they dine with her.

"Their Androids, or smart phones with wine apps, and they already know what the wine ratings are and what their taste profiles are and even what the pairings are," Oldham said.

It’s even changed how they put their menu together, always keeping in mind which wine would best complement the meal to suggest to the customer. Oldham says she is a baby boomer, but she doesn't let her palate stand in the way of serving her all of customers.

"I'm pretty set in what I enjoy and what my palate likes and what I'm used to drinking, so I'm not as adventuresome as a consumer. But as a proprietor I am, because I have to taste, unfortunately, to bring good things on, but our younger adults are very savvy," Oldham said.

Another fun fact for you found by the Wine Market Council during their study; millennials drink an average of three glasses of wine a day and the majority of the wine consumers are women.

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