'Amateur hour is over': DOC makes huge contraband bust

'Amateur hour is over': DOC makes huge contraband bust

WAURIKA, OK (KSWO) -The largest prison contraband bust of the year in Oklahoma was made this week in Jefferson County.

"Amateur hour is over. Any contraband is unacceptable and will not be tolerated within a DOC facility or any facility we contract with. Inmates need to be on notice that we are taking a hard-line on keeping it out of our facilities. We will ensure inmates caught with contraband are punished properly and individuals trying to bring contraband into a facility are prosecuted," DOC director Joe Allbaugh said.

During an unannounced search, the DOC Strike Force used CellSense towers, deep tissue scanners and K9s to uncover the following: 31 cell phones, 121.53 grams of synthetic marijuana, 78.07 grams of marijuana, 1.92 grams of meth, five gallons of self-brewed alcohol, 48 sticks of incense, 29 cell phone charges, 17 lighters, 11 improvised pipes, 1.5 pounds of tobacco, seven MP3 players, two tattoo guns and two improvised stabbing weapons.

The search lasted over three hours.

Since Jan. 7, the DOC Strike Force has conducted four raids in an effort to find and remove illegal material. In those four raids, they've confiscated 90 cell phones, 26 knives and shanks and various bits of contraband.

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